Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences

Lab Info

1051 Wire Road
Auburn, AL 36832
Office: (334) 821-6254
Fax: (334) 887-7531

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8 am - 5 pm

Closed daily from 12 pm - 1 pm
and state holidays.


ADFS Director - Angelo Della Manna

Deputy Director - Dale Carpenter

Deputy Director - Holli Baker

Contact Info

Title Name and Email Phone Ex t ension
Director Angelo Della Manna Ext. 235
Deputy Director Dale A. Carpenter Ext. 246
Deputy Director Holli Baker Ext. 230
Executive Secretary Betty Smith Ext. 268
Chief Medical Examiner Chief Medical Ext.
Chief Operating Officer Samuel L. Mitchell Ext. 239
General Counsel Marc Bass Ext. 253
Quality Assurance
Quality Manager Katrina Hanks Ext. 265
Quality Assurance Death Inv. Scott Belton Ext. 252
Personnel Manager Sandra Webster Ext. 241
Personnel Assistant Shay Tolson Ext. 222
Accounting Director Renita Lanier Ext. 231
Senior Accountant Carla Williams Ext. 226
Procurement Officer Mae Holley Ext. 228
Administrative Support Assistant Lora Jordan Ext. 229
Inventory Control Manager Betty Smith Ext. 268
Accounting Technician Keambria Evans Ext. 248
Accounting Technician Deborah Brazell Ext. 234
Information Technology
IT Director Bob Buel Ext. 256
IT Operations and Client Services Dwana Harrelson Ext. 258
Application and Data Services Nathan Nguyen Ext. 260
Systems Administration Verlencia Williams Ext. 233
Network and Systems Engineering Caleb Vickers Ext. 242
Desktop Support Steven Penny Ext. 242
Desktop Support Sean Haire Ext. 236
Administrative Services
Administrative Support Assistant Alice Halsey Ext. 240
Administrative Support Assistant Brittany Smith Ext. 277
Administrative Support Assistant Tammy Hood Ext. 269
Building Services John Dodd Ext. 225

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