Welcome Message

Welcome to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences (ADFS) webpage. This site is dedicated to providing information to our customers and the citizens of the State of Alabama. The mission of ADFS is the application of science and medicine to the purposes of justice. The pursuit of this mission includes the unbiased analysis of evidence that is generated during criminal investigations.

ADFS is uniquely positioned in the justice system of Alabama. This Agency is neither prosecutorial nor defense oriented. The pursuit of justice is our only objective and we are limited in these pursuits only by the laws of science and medicine.

ADFS has four core values:

    (1)  Service to the criminal and civil justice system and to the
          citizens of the State of Alabama
    (2)  Integrity of the organization and the individual
    (3)  Respect for our employees as our greatest asset
    (4)  Quality in everything we do

As the Director, I welcome scrutiny in all Department endeavors and our transparency assists in any evaluations. ADFS is a service provider to the citizens of Alabama and as such we work for you. My contact information is included on this site for the purpose of questions, concerns or comment.  Also included are the contact numbers for the Attorney General and Governor's office if you feel we have failed to provide you with proper service.


Thank you for visiting our webpage.


Michael F. Sparks