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Notice of Biological Specimens Kits Recall


Sirchie, the manufacturer of the ADFS Biological Specimens Kits (BSKits), has recently issued a recall for blood tubes that may be present in potentially affected lot numbers of BSKits. The recall by Sirchie was issued in conjunction with their Vacutainer® blood tube supplier Becton Dickinson. The recall relates to the manufacturing process associated with three (3) packaging cases of 100 grey stopper tubes. The three packaging cases were part of a lot consisting of approximately 2,400 packages that were distributed nationally. Two (2) packaging cases have been identified and removed from circulation, with this recall notice focused on the remaining packaging case of blood tubes. The recall notice from Sirchie indicates that the affected blood tubes may or may not contain the intended anticoagulant/antibacterial within the tube. Read the recall memo below.

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