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Welcome to the ADFS Training Page. Below you will find upcoming training events and featured training courses that are offered by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences. All courses and events are free of charge to Alabama law enforcement agencies.

Some examples of training courses we offer.

  • Essentials of Forensic Sciences
  • Coroners Training
  • Implied Consent/Draeger Certification
  • Offender DNA Specimen Collection

Please check back often as we will list new training courses and events.

If there is a specific training course that you would like to request, please let us know!


The University of Alabama, in partnership with the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences and The University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Criminal Justice have joined together to form the NIJ National Center on Forensics. This Center provides medico-legal learning opportunities for medical students to train as deputy medical examiners/coroners, with a special emphasis for those planning to live and work in underserved rural areas; provide forensic science and legal training to district attorneys, defense attorneys, judges, law enforcement and forensic scientists; and develop opportunities to benefit current and future practitioners in the field. These activities seek to improve the availability and level of medico/legal training and knowledge for those working in rural areas, which will thereby increase access to justice for those living in these communities. The Forensic Science Certificate and Continuing Education Program is designed for forensics practitioners, justice system professionals, members of law enforcement, the medical community and those with a personal interest in learning more about the science and techniques employed in the field. It is offered by The University of Alabama’s National Center on Forensics, which was created in response to the critical need for improved medical legal death investigation, regionally and nationally. Continuing education credits are available, and the program – offered in several study tracks with different areas of focus – is free through 2024. Learn more about the National Center on Forensics, meet the team, and find additional resources or more about other upcoming events at forensicscenter.ua.edu.

NCF Web-Based Learning Opportunities

  Essentials of Forensic Science Certificate

Registration Opens: June 4, 2024

Course Available: June 4 – December 31, 2024

Firearm/Tool Mark Course


Forensic Biology Course


Oral Fluid Testing DUID Investigations Course

Registration Opens: June 4, 2024

Course Available: June 4 – December 31, 2024


ADFS Featured Training Course

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