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The Death Investigation Discipline of the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences provides investigative and forensic pathology services to local, county, state and federal agencies. This assistance includes, case consultations, examinations, court testimony and specialized evidence collection. These services seek to provide valuable information to the criminal and civil and justice centers and the citizens of the State of Alabama. Medical facilities providing these services are located in Huntsville, Mobile and Montgomery.

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A routine examination is typically completed in 1-3 hours; however, completion of Autopsy Report takes on average 45 days; longer or shorter based on complexity of case.​
Usually, a decedent is ready for release after one business day.
Your funeral home usually helps with this process. The Alabama Department of Public Health Vital Statistics provides death Certificates.
No, an examination does not usually hinder any funeral plans or viewings.
Unfortunately, no, safety procedures at our facilities do not allow for this practice.
No, our findings are provided to the Coroner and Law Enforcement involved in the investigation. We cannot provide you information without written District Attorney Authorization.
Contact the Coroner’s Office. This is usually accomplished with a “pending” Death Certificate but additional documentation may be required.