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  Reports and Public Records Requests


It is the policy of the executive branch of the State of Alabama to promptly provide Alabama citizens with public records upon request. This policy is subject to the payment of reasonable fees, to the applicable laws protecting sensitive information, and to the interest of the general public to know the business of government is being carried on efficiently and without undue interference. Stone v. Consolidated Pub. Co., 404 So.2d 678, 681 (Ala., 1981).

Public records include the final case reports of all investigations conducted by ADFS (Alabama Code (1975) § 36-18-2) and records reasonably necessary to record the business and activities required to be conducted by ADFS.


Requests for final case reports of investigations conducted by ADFS shall be made via the   ADFS Report Request. These certified copy of case reports requests are handled by the Certified Request Section at ADFS Headquarters. The fee for a certified copy of a case report is twenty dollars ($20.00).

A certified copy of the case report(s) cannot be issued until the ADFS case is complete and all pending criminal investigations are complete. Therefore, before a certified copy of a case report is sent to a requestor, a written authorization must be received from the appropriate District Attorney/Prosecuting Authority or Court of jurisdiction affirming there is no pending criminal investigation ongoing.


To request additional information about an evidential breath test, please complete the   Data Pack Request form.

Note: To help us expedite your request, please include a copy of the certificate of analysis.


Requests for other ADFS public records (pursuant to Alabama Code (1975) § 36-12-40) shall be made via the   ADFS Public Records Request. A requestor has the right to inspect, analyze, and copy such ADFS public records. However, ADFS has the discretion how that documentation is to be provided for inspection, copying, and/or disclosure. See Opinion to Honorable John D. Harrison, Superintendent of Banks, State Banking Department, dated October 2, 2006, A.G. No. 2007-001. See also State v. Isbell, 985 So.2d 446 (Ala. 2007). Such requests will be handled on an individual basis.