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Department of Forensic Sciences

  Reports and Public Records Requests


Code of Alabama (1975) ยง 36-18-8, requires ADFS charge for time spent by its employees due to private lawsuits arising from cases worked by the department. The fee is $300.00 per hour. The minimum time charged is one hour. The fee shall be applied for time spent for any or all of the following: 1) Preparation for trial, 2) Testimony, 3) Depositions, 4) Travel, 5) Consultations, and/or 6) Time spent in any additional actions imposed by private lawsuits arising from criminal investigations.

ADFS requires a properly served subpoena arising from active civil litigation for production of an ADFS case file. Following payment for the production, ADFS can produce electronically, via CD, or hard copy.

All general correspondence and questions should be directed to the ADFS Legal Office located at 1051 Wire Road, Auburn, Alabama, 36832, or to legal@adfs.alabama.gov.